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Traveling does not care about gender, whether you are male or female, the world has a lot of beautiful places to show you. However, the needs of both genders vary and want it or not, there is going to be a difference in the trips. To speak with stereotypes, females will want to visit places to take beautiful pictures or try new types of foods and shop, of course. Males, on the other hand, are much more adventurous. Let’s not forget that different cultures treat genders differently and it impacts the trip as well. If you’re planning a girl trip to Dubai or any other Middle Eastern country, there are some things you should know in advance. Keep reading to find out more about traveling to Dubai with your girlfriends.

Dress code

The fact that Arabian women follow certain dress code like a burka, hijab, and so on, does not mean that you have to wear the same things. As a tourist, you are not expected to cover yourself with clothing. However, this does not mean that you should be wearing shorts and tank tops in public places like malls and restaurants. No one is going to harass you for that but it is considered disrespectful toward the locals. Wear swimsuits and shorts at the beach but not in public places. Instead, you can wear t-shirts, loose pants, jeans, dresses anything that does not expose too much skin.

How to behave

The people of Dubai are rather liberal but they expect their female visitors to be aware of the common rules of behavior. For instance, you should avoid eye contact with other men, sit in the women’s section in the public transport, ask women for help, don’t sit in the front seat of taxis, and wear a wedding ring if you are married. If you feel like you are being followed go to a public and crowded place, find a policeman and report what you have noticed. Try not to attract attention by talking or laughing too loud. Women are respected in Dubai and as a proof, you don’t have to stand in the line, you can ask to be served first.


Don’t let the stereotypes bother your vacation. There is nothing to worry about in Dubai, it’s a perfectly safe city, you just need to follow certain rules that derive from their culture. Remember that you are a guest and you need to behave properly.