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How to make your website a user and Google rank magnet

Have you ever thought why your website fails to attract user and grab a position in Google’s rank page? Even after getting it SEO equipped, what is it that your website is deficient of? The answer is none other than SEO itself. SEO is not about adding links or putting keywords, it is about converting a piece of information into constructive message and making a building a brand by facilitating the users.

Here are a few things that may need along with the typical SEO services Dubai to attract users and grab a good position in Google rank page.

Conversation Optimization

A visually attractive site is not enough; you need to focus on its functions and value to readers and website visitors. If you really want to see your business and/or website grow and flourish, analytical knowledge and understanding the interests of the visitors is what you need.

Though, you need to focus on conversion optimization, it is important to keep the utility of search engines in mind. Usually, when websites try to be or adapt something, they lose focus from the actual purpose of the website. The content of the website should not be only understandable by users, but also by search engines too.

The Customer Interest Zone

Search engines have a crucial role in forming semantic relationships. The help you make your website more relevant and visible by taking about 30,000 foot view of the website, understanding the website’s theme, exploring link relationships as well as the content of the website.

Since a user is unaware of acronyms used internally for your work or product, therefore you need to know and understand the customers’ thoughts. Just because you like it that way, would make your customers think the same. Even if your in-house slangs are understandable for bots, but you are more likely to lose potential customers.

Make Way for First Time Visitors

First time visitors often face the trouble of finding the relevant content or product, therefore it is important that you put most important information in the common areas of your website.

Smooth Navigation System

No website visitor would like to get confused while scrolling the webpage. A good navigation is all about make the website user friendly and easy to use. As United SEO company Dubai suggests that using breadcrumb navigation can help you a lot in this case; kit will place URL within a folder structure, the pages would be placed specifically and not just in naming convention, sub navigation will have its own utilities, thus making the site interactive. The same trouble can emerge with search engines as well. If said in few words, human visitors do not always enter the website through homepage, this one of the major reasons why you have to keep them easily usable.