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Basic Duties and Responsibilities of a Quality Inspector

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Basic Duties and Responsibilities of a Quality Inspector

A quality inspector’s job includes measuring dimensions and examining the functionality of products. They compare the final product with specifications, makes recommendations to improve the production process, and record the inspection results. In addition to the inspection process, they also maintain measurement equipment. They follow operating instructions and calibration requirements and call for repairs as needed. In addition, the quality inspector in UAE teaches the production team about quality concerns. They work to solve quality-related problems as quickly as possible.

Observe and evaluate the quality of products:

A quality inspector’s basic duties and responsibilities involve observing and evaluating the quality of products. A quality inspector must be able to notice and record defects. A basic understanding of the product’s specifications is necessary for identifying and correcting production errors. A high level of observation is necessary to identify defects in products and ensure compliance with the company’s standards. They must compare the incoming product to the blueprints and observe the differences. Then, they must remove faulty products from the production line and notify the management of the defect.

They perform dimensional, visual, mechanical and electrical inspections:

A quality inspector performs dimensional, visual, mechanical, and electrical inspections and evaluates the compliance of products with specifications. They use precision measuring tools to measure and analyze the product. They must also maintain records and interact professionally with the production managers and customers. They must also possess the technical expertise necessary to determine the cause of any defects and recommend appropriate corrections. This is important for the overall success of a business because it will make it more competitive.

They should have a thorough knowledge of engineering drawings:

As a quality inspector, you should know thoroughly about engineering drawings and specifications. A good quality inspector will be familiar with these documents. It is also important to know the product’s specifications and its use. The job description should also include the location of the job and the company’s culture. This will allow you to gauge whether you will fit in well. When working for a company, you must always be a quality inspector.