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A Comprehensive Guide on PCOS Treatments

There is no single unified PCOS treatment in Dubai. Rather, treatments should be tailored to each patient to address the underlying cause and minimize symptoms. A doctor will evaluate the symptoms and metabolic profile of the patient to determine the right course of treatment. Medication for PCOS is an option in many cases and may not eliminate the condition. However, it can help to reduce symptoms and prevent certain health problems. For example, it can help weight loss and improve your menstrual cycle.

A: Various medicines are available to treat the symptoms of PCOS. A woman’s condition will be diagnosed through a blood test to check for high androgens and other hormones. Several tests may also be performed to determine the glucose level in the blood and triglycerides in the blood. Generally, doctors recommend a lifestyle change or an alternative treatment to manage the condition. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help women manage their symptoms and reduce their risk of developing a wide range of diseases, including endometrial cancer and cardiovascular disease.

B: Treatment for PCOS involves the use of medicines for the symptoms. In the first stage, a woman may be prescribed a contraceptive pill. Then, a doctor will prescribe a progestogen tablet. This drug is given monthly or every three to four months. The tablets will cause a woman to have a regular menstrual cycle, reducing her risk of developing endometrial cancer. Moreover, hormonal contraception may also help regulate a woman body’s insulin levels.

C: Treatment for PCOS may also include healthy lifestyle changes. For example, a woman can lose weight reduce her risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In addition to medication, a woman can choose a natural treatment to improve her symptoms and health. The choice of natural treatments for PCOS is up to the patient. The patient’s GP can also discuss alternative treatments, such as diet and exercise, with asymptomatic diagnosis.

D: A doctor may prescribe medication to alleviate symptoms of PCOS. Depending on the symptoms, she may recommend a natural therapy or a combination of medications. The latter can improve the symptoms of the disease and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. A woman may be advised to consult with her doctor before choosing a treatment for her condition. The GP can also refer to a pelvic ultrasound or a test for endometrial cancer.